Did you know that a public restroom is far cleaner than your phone? Here’s the fix.

For most of us, our phones resemble appendages, taking a trip with us all over we go, accompanying us through all of our daily activities. Perhaps you take a cloth to your phone from time to time to wipe away the spots and call it a day, but if you believe that really cleans it, you’re in for a rude awakening.

A mobile phone reportedly has 18 times more germs than a public washroom. That might sound crazy, however think about it. Everything your hands touch touches your phone too. So, that bacteria lurking on the grocery cart you pressed, the doorknob you opened, the subway pole you held all winds up on your phone.

These gruesome facts may make you never wish to touch your phone once again. But there is an option that does not include dousing your phone in hand sanitizer.

Meet PhoneSoap, the little gadget that safely sterilizes your phone, leaving your device free of bacteria and you with some peace of mind.


PhoneSoap has an easy but effective style. It looks like a little, rectangle-shaped box, making it the ideal size to keep your bedside table, at your office desk, or even your kitchen area counter. On the outside of the box, you will find space for 3 cable televisions: the power cord, a USB, and a USB-C. To get the PhoneSoap set up, plug the included power cord into the wall, then into the PhoneSoap, and you are all set to get sterilizing. Put your phone inside the device and close it. When closed, you will see the lightning bolt power signal turn blue. This suggests it is charging. After ten minutes, the light will turn off, and your phone is ready to go. If you wish to charge your phone all at once, you have the choice to plug in your USB or USB-C cable.

So, you put your phone in a box and it cleans it, however how does it really get the cleaning done? The power of PhoneSoap comes in the form of UV-C light. Inside the little box are 2 effective UV-C lightbulbs. UV-C light is germicidal, indicating it breaks down the DNA of nasty bacteria so it can no longer work or replicate. The bulbs on the top and bottom of the gadget, paired with the reflective interior inside the whole device, aid achieve 360 degree disinfection, so even the small, hard-to-reach crevices of your phone are tidy. The UV-C light is so powerful that it just requires 10 minutes to get your phone tidy. After that time, PhoneSoap instantly turns off, so do not worry about your phone getting overheated.

Lots of forms of germs are damaging and can trigger health problem and infections. Lab tests have actually shown that PhoneSoap eliminates 99.9% of common household germs, consisting of germs that causes E.Coli, Salmonella, Staph, and viruses that cause the flu, the cold and other illness.

Sterilizing with UV-C light isn’t brand-new. Hospitals and labs have actually been using UV light to keep facilities sterilized considering that the mid-20th century.

Unless you are preparing to wash your hands and face before and after each time you get your phone, all its bacteria is sticking with you. PhoneSoap is an easy solution to keep damaging bacteria from dispersing– not only from your phone to you but from you to others also. If you cope with anybody who may have a jeopardized immune system– kids, elderly or ill individuals– PhoneSoap could be an especially important financial investment.

PhoneSoap is big enough to fit all phones on the marketplace, even with a case. In addition, you can include anything else that will fit– earphones, watches, even wallets.

PhoneSoap gives genuine results that will assist keep you and the people around you healthier.